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Pinstripe Garage Cap

Pinstripe Garage Cap

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Introducing the New Garage Cap, a seamless fusion of contemporary style and rugged heritage. This cap embodies the essence of vintage charm, blending classic pinstripe denim fabric with a striking red garage logo, leaving an indelible impression on all who lay eyes on it.

Meticulously curated, this cap boasts our distinctive garage logo prominently displayed on the front in bold red. Constructed from authentic denim cuts, it guarantees exceptional durability and enduring comfort. The design features beige mesh panels that mimic the look and feel of denim jeans, adding a unique touch. This intricate construction gives the fabric a textured effect, evoking an authentic vintage appeal that sets it apart. Purposeful frays and weathered accents are carefully integrated into the design, infusing it with a rugged character that ensures each cap is one of a kind.

The harmonious pairing of classic pinstripe denim and vibrant red creates a standout cap. The timeless pinstripes effortlessly complement the bold, defined tones of red, forming a captivating interplay that captures attention from every angle. The pinstripe cap design is deeply rooted in garage history, traditionally worn by attendees at garage events, adding a touch of authenticity and nostalgia.

As part of our ongoing dedication to innovation, the New Garage Cap stands as the latest addition to our collection. This dynamic collection will continue to expand, introducing an array of new hues and designs tailored to the evolving preferences of our community. With every new release, the collection will flourish, offering an ever-expanding spectrum of options for you to showcase your unique sense of style.

  • The Black Dub Merchandise 
  • Breathable nylon mesh back
  • Curved Peak 
  • Adult adjustable – one size fits most


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