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Adrenaline Addiction Tee

Adrenaline Addiction Tee

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Introducing the Adrenaline Addiction Grey Tee, a must-have for every motorcycle enthusiast's collection! Crafted from premium cotton, this Tee ensures comfort during all your summer rides, making it an essential piece for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Featuring an impactful logo on both the front and back, our Grey Tee proudly showcases the captivating phrase "Adrenaline Addiction" in bold, attention-grabbing lettering. This emblem symbolizes the exhilaration and thrill experienced both by spectators at The Black Dub, mile 9, and the riders navigating the challenging off-camber, bumpy tracks of The Black Dub!

Whether you're cruising on the open road or enjoying downtime with friends, this Grey Tee is the ultimate way to express your passion for The Black Dub and the adrenaline-fuelled world it encompasses. Show your love for the thrill of the ride with the Adrenaline Addiction Grey Tee!

  • The Black Dub Merchandise 
  • 195gsm ‘Classic’ Tee Fit
  • 100% Cotton


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