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Garage Jumper

Garage Jumper

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Introducing The Black Dub Garage Jumper, a tribute to the classic workwear once synonymous with garages and petrol stations across Britain. This beige jumper features unique 'Chainlink Embroidery' in black on both the front and back, inspired by the intricate patterns of motorcycle chains layered together for a vintage effect.

The design, meticulously crafted, showcases the fusion of craftsmanship and heritage, with a small "M9" embroidered on the cuff as a nod to Mile 9, home to the iconic Black Dub Garage on the Isle of Man TT course. This subtle yet distinctive jumper seamlessly transitions from casual to more formal occasions, easily pairing with a collared shirt for added versatility.

Crafted for comfort and style, The Black Dub Garage Jumper embodies timeless elegance with its understated color palette and intricate detailing. Whether you're at a gathering or exploring the urban landscape, this jumper promises to make a statement while honoring the rich tradition of motorcycle culture and craftsmanship.

  • The Black Dub Merchandise 
  • Heavyweight 380gsm ‘Classic’ Jumper Fit
  • Fleece lined interior


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