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Garage Cap

Garage Cap

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Introducing the Green and Beige Garage Cap, a seamless blend of vintage-inspired style and rugged charm. This cap captures the essence of nostalgia, combining classic green and beige tones with white highlights on the peak and front logo, creating a striking visual contrast.

Carefully crafted, this cap features our iconic garage logo prominently displayed in crisp white against the green and beige backdrop. Constructed from high-quality materials, it ensures durability and lasting comfort, embodying the spirit of craftsmanship reminiscent of The Black Dub, located at mile 9 of the Isle of Man TT course.

Inspired by the vibrant history of garage culture and the dedicated labor of those at The Black Dub, the cap's color scheme evokes memories of days spent in the midst of motorsports and camaraderie. The textured design, with purposeful frays and weathered accents, adds to its rugged character, making each cap unique and full of character.

As part of our commitment to innovation, the Green and Beige Garage Cap stands proudly within our extensive range. It pays homage to a rich heritage while continuing to evolve with new designs and colors that resonate with the ever-changing preferences of our community. With each release, our collection expands, offering a diverse array of options for expressing personal style and embracing the enduring spirit of garage culture.

  • The Black Dub Merchandise 
  • Breathable nylon mesh back
  • Curved Peak 
  • Adult adjustable – one size fits most


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